Immediate Benefits

FaciliTee is the only device of its kind that brings these benefits :

  • It's simple to use.
  • Only takes one hand to operate.

  • No requirement to bend over to operate.

  • FaciliTee is immediately ready for use and it’s not necessary to load the tee and the ball before each swing. (​Immediately after your swing, you get the tee with FaciliTee and you put the tee in and you put the ball in the ball storage area at the arrival of the hole)

  • ​Only one tee size is necessary

  • Uses standard Tees

  • Four pre-programmed heights or manual setting

  • Preprogrammed heights provide a consistency that helps you to improve your ball striking

  • Easy height adjustment by turning the knob

  • Allows you to pick up a dropped ball without bending

  • Allows you to pick up a planted or lying tee without bending

  • Weight close to that of a club

  • Easily transported thanks to how it easily attaches to golf bags

  • Holds three balls

  • No more tees in your pocket

The R&A of Saint Andrews has ruled that FaciliTee conforms to the Rules of Golf